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Promise Hospital of Louisiana - Shreveport Campus

1800 Irving Place
Shreveport, LA 71101 Click for Directions
Phone: (318) 425-4096
Fax: (318) 425-8438
Admissions: (318) 934-0481

A Promise Healthcare Hospital

The Healthcare Continuum


When you need medical attention, there are various types of healthcare facilities along The Healthcare Continuum that provide different levels of care and treatment. The appropriateness of the treatment setting you and your doctors choose depends on the severity of your illness or injury and your personalized recovery plan and goals.


The more medically complex a patient is [the higher the acuity], the more the patient requires medical treatment that is only available at a hospital.The difference between long-term acute care [LTAC] and short-term acute care [STAC] hospitals is that patients at Promise, a long-term acute care hospital, require extensive care over longer periods of time, with an average length of stay of 25 days or more.

Promise Hospital of Louisiana treats the most medically complex patients and admit them from most healthcare settings. Depending on your physician-directed recovery plan, discharge from Promise Hospital is usually to your home, a nursing home, or a rehab or skilled nursing facility.


Patients at Promise Hospital of Louisiana most likely have:
  • been transferred from intensive care units (ICUs), direct observation units (DOUs), or general medical and surgical beds in short-term acute care (STAC) hospital
  • frequently been in and out of short-stay, sub-acute, and outpatient facilities, which can promote a cycle of decline
  • not yet been able to reach their full recovery potential due to unsuccessful vent weaning or unresolved wounds
  • needed pre-surgical optimization
  • required post-surgical aftercare
  • needed intensive treatment for complications or infections
  • required long-term IV antibiotics
  • needed aggressive wound care